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DirecTV H23 Screen Saver Fix

Entertainment May 4, 2020

There was a bug in the software that powers the DirecTV H23 receiver that would allow for the screen saver to come on if you left your receiver on one channel for a certain length of time.  This bug has been resolved in a newer software release for the H23 DirecTV commercial satellite receiver.

The first thing to do since you are using a remote is to make sure that you isolate the receiver and push the remote up to it so you aren’t sending these remote commands to other commercial satellite receivers in your rack.

Next is to find out what software release it is currently running.

Choose Menu on your remote then Setup on the TV screen then Info & Test. Scroll down with the down arrow on your remote and you should see what DirecTV software is on the receiver (do all of this with the remote).

Next, to force a software update if one is available, open the front panel door and press down the red reset button (this can also be done by pulling the plug from behind the receiver).

Next, have your remote ready. When the blue screen appears on the TV, enter the numbers 0 2 4 6 8 on the remote quickly. The screen will change in about 15 or so seconds to a searching for new software display, and should start downloading the update and then automatically apply it.