McKnight’s Executive Power Panel Featuring Rick Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer at Sentrics

Senior Living March 1, 2023

Watch McKnight’s Executive Power Panel from February 22nd, 2023 featuring Rick Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer at Sentrics, and other industry leaders as they discuss the challenges and strategies of the Senior Living Industry.

In the discussion led by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Executive Director, Jim Berkland touched on a variety of issues including returning to our new normal, the role Data Analytics will play in senior living moving forward, What tech’s role moving forward will be and more.

In the discussion, Rick Taylor spoke on how technology will be key moving forward in the industry. Telling the panel that, “Today, the younger workforce are expecting technology. And if we don’t have it, and in our business, they’re not going to stay long with us,” He continued, “Let’s make life easier, let’s prepare them to be able to do their job easier by streamlining that. And then better communication, just with not only staff because staff communication is key…And technology definitely can help streamline communication.

Taylor also spoke on how the Senior Living industry will have to take new approach moving forward. “We have to allow those people to be more productive. So that means, streamlining workflows, the answer of this is the way we’ve always done It is no longer the answer. You…How do we strip out the things that are not bringing value to our residents or our business that are just busy work. And sometimes that’s not always possible when you’re dealing with the government. But certainly when you’re dealing with a lot of your internal workflows that’s capable. And I think that’s somewhere where people really have to focus but they’re scared, because they don’t necessarily feel they have the time to do it today.”

Watch the video above to learn more about the Senior Living industry and the trends for the industry.

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