Using the device residents already have…the TV!


Using the device residents already have…the TV!

The link between happier residents and efficient operations.

Engage360℠ is one of the four components of the Sentrics360℠ platform, connecting residents to the senior community and their families. Use it individually with your existing cable TV and Internet provider or as part of the Sentrics integrated solution.

Engage360℠ is simple and economical because it operates with the one device residents use every day—the TV!

No additional wiring or expensive WiFi network upgrades are required since it can operate over existing cable TV wiring, or Ethernet. Four important services can instantly be deployed, room by room, no matter the layout of your community – Resident Engagement, WiFi, Cable TV Programming, and Digital Video Recording (DVR).


Engage360℠ is one of the most innovative developments in senior living, benefiting residents, their families, and the community.


It provides social, health and wellness engagement from a simple, easy to use tool deployed to the TV. Engage360℠ makes life more enjoyable.

  • view current community information
  • select room ambiance moods via audio and video, supplied by Coro Health
  • access required health education based on diagnosis
  • receive notification when a caregiver is en route to a resident alarm (Ensure360℠ users only)
  • view a resident room: alarms, EHR information, sleep time, TV history, and social behavior (Ensure360℠ users only)
  • access current weather information
  • view today’s dining selections
  • sign up for group activities
  • make appointments
  • receive medication and event reminders on the TV
  • create and view a unique personalized calendar
  • initiate specific service requests by room and item
  • combine with Entertain360℠ for a world of entertainment

Transforms a single, easy-to-use device, the TV, into a tool that entertains, connects and enables better care decisions.

  • reduce labor costs through automation of maintenance requests
  • provide colorful, appealing displays for dining choices and receive feedback from residents
  • poll residents to determine interests in activities or any community subject
  • reduce unnecessary alarms by providing work order status and details on community events to residents
  • add community wide events to every resident’s calendar (e.g., fire drills)
  • enable caregivers with a resident room and community involvement overview (Ensure360℠ users only)
  • provide peace of mind to residents by notifying them when a caregiver is on their way (Ensure360℠ users only)

Sampling of Interactive Resident Services

Simple home screen easily navigates primary functions. Default is simply watching TV

Digital signage for lobbies and common areas

Service requests with optional integration into workorder systems

Activity sign up with placement on a
personal calendar

Current and forecasted weather conditions

Daily  mood trending for well-being analytics

Connecting Families (2020)

With the Engage360℠ Family App, establishing a meaningful connection between residents and their families has never been easier or more manageable. Engage360℠ allows residents to view current and context-rich photos and information about their family members by ingesting information from reconfigured family social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Family members can also use the Family App to configure entertainment accounts that can be used by residents to stream movies and other entertainment choices. And for communities enabled with Ensure360℠, family members can gain insight into a resident’s health and wellbeing, helping them make informed care decisions.

Family App features:

  • Credential management of social media accounts
  • Remote configuration of popular TV, movie and music streaming services
  • Tracking of resident progress on assigned health education
  • Send and receive private messages to and from resident
  • View and add resident calendar of events (appointments outside of the community)
  • TV viewing habits of channels watched (when paired with Entertain360℠)
  • View resident mood trend

For communities enabled with Ensure360℠:

  • Views of resident activity schedules & attendance, calendars, time in room vs. community
  • Room-level behavioral sensor information and alarm summaries
Engage360℠ Conductor

This sophisticated back-end, web-based tool enables content creation with the ability to push information to every resident within the community and facilitate external communications. Information may be viewed in common areas as digital signage, as a special channel on the TV system or on the community website.

Simple Access to More Services

When paired with Entertain360℠, deployment is ultra fast because it operates through existing cable TV wiring or Ethernet cabling. Communities may selectively offer private and secure personal area Wifi individually as a revenue source or provide to all in bulk as a standard amenity. Unlike problematic common WiFi networks, multiple devices may be supported without taxing the network including streaming devices, computers, printers, tablets, smart phones, and thermostats. Pairing with Ensure360℠ provides sophisticated analytics to help identify mood trends, TV viewing habits and other life safety and behavioral patterns that form a comprehensive visualization of resident’s well-being for better care and risk management.

Engage360℠ Customization

The Sentrics integration team can utilize compatible APIs to integrate with existing  processing and resident dining systems for data exchange. This allows further automation for additional savings of man hours.


The heartbeat of Engage360℠ is the Sentrics360℠ Gateway – a revolutionary all-in-one device using a simple remote. Whether sitting on a table or hidden behind the TV, residents can intuitively navigate simple choices using directional arrows and large lighted buttons that are easy to see and select. With three connection options and compatibility with other video devices, Engage360℠ surpasses all other engagement options. When paired with Entertain360℠ and Enrich360℠, it is the most robust entertainment, health and wellness service in senior living.

Standard Features:

  • Alexa voice skills
  • Bluetooth – for headsets and portable speakers
  • Built in DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with WiFi
  • Family App/Social Media (2020)

Additional Features with Entertain360℠:

  • Android smart features – turns any TV into a Smart TV for video apps and streaming
  • Digital TV tuner – for cable, off-air, 4K
  • TV channel viewing analytics (2020)
  • 2 tuner DVR (2020)
  • Interactive channel guide (2020)


Engage360 E-Book

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