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The all-in-one quality solution giving residents the options they want.

HD TV, WiFi, Engagement, Voice

The all-in-one quality solution giving residents the options they want.


Entertain360℠ is the most innovative entertainment solution in senior living.  This modular platform was created from decades of experience serving thousands of senior living communities.  From a single building to a sprawling campus, there are options for every need and budget.

TV is the most popular pastime and source of local and worldly information. Having the right channels in crystal clear clarity equals resident satisfaction.  Simplifying operations by eliminating cable company logistics of move-ins/move-outs is a timesaver.  With larger TV sizes being the new norm, filling the screen with a quality signal is more important than ever.

Technology for television and Internet is converging and Entertain360℠ leads the way with function and future-proof simplicity. The best part—it can utilize TV wiring infrastructure already in place for HD television, internet and phone service. 

When combined with Engage360℠, the television connects residents with your community, family and everything that matters. A simple, big-button remote offers access to regularly scheduled programming and on-demand content. Keep it Simple. Make it Great.

You Have Options!

No cable boxes

Interactive HD with on-demand, DVR and more

Lower cost basic SD and analog

Free TV from local broadcasters


WIN-WIN! You decide what to offer to satisfy needs and budget.  Typical savings exceed 50%. Every channel is a “good one” without navigating unwanted channels.  Residents win with a better selection. The community wins with lower operating costs and staff efficiency.


There is no need for multiple devices or remote controls for TV, Internet, Streaming, Resident Engagement or DVR.  The all-in-one Sentrics360℠ Gateway combines every needed function into ONE device using ONE simple, big button remote:  Changing channels, streaming on-demand movies, accessing the Internet and engaging with family and community. The Gateway may be used with a no-set-top-solution for multiple TVs in the same apartment.  There is no other solution that provides this simplified integration for senior living.  No matter the brand or quality of digital television, Entertain360℠ offers what today’s residents want.


Based on the resident mix, progressive operators often offset a substantial portion of TV programming costs through the resale of Internet, DVR and telephone service.  Whereby TV service on a bulk basis may be provided to all as an amenity, other services may be provided at wholesale for re-billing individually.


Based on local geography, additional local broadcast channels may be available. This includes primary networks for redundancy plus dozens of digital sub-channels. Hundreds of older rerun syndicated TV shows are available from 30-50 years ago, many in black and white. Bring back memories and customize your channel lineup. Best of all – there is no additional monthly programming fee! Ask for a channel listing for what may be available in your area.


SeniorTV Radio Network: A highly enjoyable audio service featuring Oldies but Goodies. Utilize for background music with on-screen channel guide or resident information channels.

One-Day University: Award-winning educational guest speaking events specially designed for senior living.

Automated DVD and Video File Server: Scheduled playback of DVD libraries, recorded religious services and special community events.


Recording capability is built into the Sentrics360℠ Gateway used with the Entertain360℠ platform – no other devices or installation required. Instead of residents purchasing and subscribing to a third party DVR service it is easier and more economical from the community. DVR service may be enabled on an individual basis as a new revenue source or activated in bulk as an amenity to all.


HD has never been better!

New compact system enables senior communities to have self-contained reliability from downed power lines and days without service. Because the TV signal utilizes existing coaxial wiring there are no bandwidth or network administration constraints. The central headend system combines content from satellite, optional off-air antennas and landline Internet bandwidth for distribution to every TV outlet.


  • Fastest and most reliable service in senior living
  • Rock solid coverage in every unit

  • Less expensive and more reliable than typical WiFi

  • Deployment in less than 2 weeks

  • Bulk billed or individual accounts
  • Dedicated Internet Access via FIBEROPTIC Landline. 100Mb, 250Mb, 500Mb, 1Gb available
  • Lowest Cost in the Nation: 33¢ per day!

Connect your residents wherever they are located on campus without dead spots or slow, unsecure networks.  Using the same advanced DOCSIS 3.0 technology used by every cable company in the USA, the Sentrics360℠ Gateway is ready to be activated for instant Internet access.

Because it uses the same wiring for television no additional infrastructure is required—it is already in place.  No more Ethernet cabling to pull, no more electrical outlets to add for powering access points.  Password protected Personal Area Networks enable complete privacy for a growing list of connected devices. Dual band 802.11AC system enables both Resident and Staff use within resident rooms and common areas.


Packed with features seniors and their communities appreciate most. Commercial grade at a consumer price.

Side-Jack Panel

Bottom-Jack Panel

TV Features

  • Large On-Screen Lettering
  • 1080i- Screen Resolution
  • Narrow Frame
  • Oversized Power Supply
  • Quick Clone Programming
  • Full Range Commercial MPEG4 Tuner
  • “A” Grade Panel
  • Low Energy Consumption: 32”/45watt & 43”/65watt
  • Stable Stand

Remote Features

  • Large Rubbery Buttons
  • Shortcuts for Easy Operations
  • Touch to view family photo USB slideshow with music

Complete TV services include:


  • Wall mounts

  • Wiring

  • Installation

  • Universal big button remotes


Digital Signage and Dedicated TV Channel. May be integrated with Engage360℠ or used independently.


  • Make your changes on the go from any mobile device
  • Content downloaded and cached once a day to minimize bandwidth
  • Insert your content into your website
  • Low monthly fee for support & service
  • Remote monitoring to view from anywhere at any time


  • Signage hardware that easily connects to new or existing displays
  • A customizable crawl-line with scheduled messages showing timely information
  • Easy to use interface to add, delete and edit content
  • Schedule each slide so content can be automatically inserted & removed
  • Consistent messaging throughout your property


Your own in-house movie channel! PlaybackNOW® is an easy method to play movies and recorded events for your residents.

  • Movies anytime – simple scheduler automatically plays movies
  • Ideal for unattended operations on nights and weekends
  • Easy to use; 10 min learning curve
  • Just load movies into the player and schedule date and times you wish each to play
  • Record your own content and store on the built-in video file server


Residents always know what is on with a colorful and informative on-screen guide designed for senior living. Optional commercial-free music background allows double duty making the guide a popular listening channel.

Standard Guide
Scrolling guide is colorful and designed for seniors. This solution is used in no-set top box installations.

Interactive Guide
Interactive guide provides more detailed content information and scroll-ahead capability. Operates within the Sentrics360 Gateway which also enables DVR service. (2020)

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