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Control Contagious Infections Faster with Contact Tracing


Contagious infections need immediate action. Every minute counts when it comes to keeping residents safe from infection. Time spent interviewing and documenting resident, visitor and staff interactions is time that could be spent combating the spread of infection in your community. Now you can trace contacts and manage case protocols automatically when you use the Sentrics Ensure360SM life safety solution.


  • Identify exposed residents and staff quickly
  • Support case management protocols including dashboard reporting, geofencing apartments and tracking isolation quarantine duration
  • Minimize the spread of infection


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Better Data. Improved Care.

Ensure360℠ is the perfect combination of sensors, emergency call equipment and real-time location services to help your staff anticipate and act pre-emptively to meet resident needs. Integrated contact tracing and case management give senior living communities confidence that they can quickly identify, manage and prevent the spread of contagious infections quickly and easily.  

The future of senior care is Ensure360. It’s ability to collect, analyze and provide insights on thousands of data points means that care staff can anticipate a condition and act early to minimize risk. Because the data collection is transparent, residents maintain a sense of dignity and independence, while providing your team critical information to improve their care. It’s just one important facet of the life changing Sentrics360 senior living platform that provides a 360 degree view of the resident. And delivers contact tracing! 


Learn how contact tracing saves time



Improved Care

  • Actionable data 
  • Simplified contact tracing  
  • Integrated case management
  • Integrated EHR
  • Enhanced sensors 

Reduced Staff Burden

  • Meaningful alarms 
  • Improved communication 
  • Efficient routing 
  • Intuitive smart tools 

Bolstered Confidence for Families

  • Proactive care 
  • Data to back care changes 
  • Dignified monitoring 
  • Confidence in managing contagions  


View the Contact Tracing video



Ensure360 is the industry’s best eCall, sensor, location tracking and emergency equipment solution you need to keep your resident safe, improve caregiver efficiency and reduce the risk of an adverse event. 


It is life safety technology that provides the right amount of monitoring for each resident’s particular care needs and sends only the meaningful alerts that are important to your team to avoid alarm fatigue.


Use Ensure360 as a traditional eCall system or add Real Time Location Services to enhance your capabilities. Location is much more than knowing where a resident is, it allows you to protect residents via geofencing, identify changes in socialization, activity and daily routines; and mark dwell times that can indicate potential wander risk.


With a high focus on managing contagious conditions, location services also enables an integrated contact tracing and case management system that helps you identify risk quickly, mange cases with ease, and specify and track protocols, so  you can contain the conditions with confidence.   


“For over 15 years, we have used Sentrics Ensure360 products for life safety in our communities. Their products help our residents feel safe and secure. The company’s customer service and technical assistance always provide a high level of expertise when supporting our communities. Our Sentrics partnership is greatly appreciated.”

Juan Medina | Director of Building Facilities & Maintenance

Merrill Gardens ~ Seattle Office

Learn how contact tracing saves time

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