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Senior Housing News: Voices: Darin LeGrange, CEO, Sentrics

News October 8, 2020

Voices: Darin LeGrange, CEO, Sentrics


Senior Housing News: You have been CEO of Sentrics for two years, and you’ve worked in health care technology since the late 1980s. What are the top experiences in your career that you draw from to be successful at Sentrics?

Darin LeGrange: My experience spans all aspects of the health care ecosystem, from financing and risk, through clinical and delivery in both acute and post-acute, to life sciences and analytics. I believe that background affords me a different perspective into how the senior living community of the future will fit into this health care ecosystem.

Because collectively we are now focused on the entire episode of somebody’s interaction in the health care ecosystem, the senior living community is perfectly situated to become part of this continuum and help manage the outcomes and costs. My background in deploying and managing mission-critical technology platforms from claims processing and population health to medical records and life science analytics, lends itself to understanding the complex needs of the new senior living community.

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