Sentrics to Add Resident Journey App to Engage360℠ Platform to Drive Personalized Resident Experience

News August 17, 2021

Sentrics announced its plans to add a Resident Journey app to its Engage360SM platform in October 2021 to drive a personalized resident experience from the moment they walk into a community until they leave. Included with Engage360 at no additional charge, the app will provide a systematic and curated approach to assess residents’ emotional health, gauge their transitions in and through the community, and nudge and support their move from passive to activated vitality while enabling them to interact with the community, family, friends and the healthcare ecosystem all from the TV.

“The pandemic highlighted a critical issue in senior living that isolated seniors feel lonely and depressed more often,” said Sentrics CEO Darin LeGrange. “Unfortunately, residents aren’t just feeling lonely; they struggle to find new ways to contribute, can feel frustrated by their lack of control, and have fewer opportunities to build existing and new relationships. Our industry’s traditional response has been to fill an activities calendar, which is a group approach to an individual problem. Resident Journey is about helping residents activate their best day every day by focusing on their individual needs and passions.”


Resident Journey Combines a Wellbeing Approach with Three Technology Engines

Engage360 transforms resident TVs into a social, health and wellness engine that improves whole health, increases satisfaction and enables residents to interact with family, friends, the community, and the healthcare ecosystem with a simple TV remote or voice commands.

The Resident Journey app expands the way a community interacts with each resident. Through the TV, it asks the resident a series of simple questions and uses the answers to make recommendations to the resident to create a unique experience while giving the community critical information and insights about the resident’s experience and state of mind.

It leverages the Vitality Activation Approach and its three vitality indicators—Growth, Independence and Relationships—to assess a resident’s emotional health, gauge the transition in and through the community, and nudge and support a move from passive to activated vitality.

Three built-in engines—Survey, Recommendation and Analytics—capture the resident’s responses to questions related to growth, independence and relationships, as well as traditional “experience” questions, to provide insights about a resident’s unspoken needs to enable both the resident and the people who surround that resident with valuable tools and recommendations to help them stay active and vital to the community, family and friends.


Resident Journey Simplifies Operational Processes

While the overriding value of Resident Journey is to help identify and guide the wellbeing of a resident through an entire community stay, it also provides community leaders with consistent processes, measurable progress and actionable insights to drive a personalized journey for every resident.

It replaces traditional data capture and file cabinet storage with information that is captured, correlated and analyzed to provide valuable insights and recommendations as soon as it is captured.

“Resident Journey is ultimately about capturing consistent information today that can provide insights and actions today,” said LeGrange. “It does what traditional engagement approaches cannot: It recognizes a series of minute changes that signal a resident’s socialization and reason for living is declining, provides recommendations for the senior to help themselves and alerts staff and family members to take action.”

Resident Journey will be available in October as part of the Engage360 platform. It will be available at no additional charge.



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