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Drive a Personalized Journey for Every Resident

Integrated with Engage360SM, Resident Journey drives a personalized experience that helps the resident activate their best possible day every day.

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A resident-driven approach

The traditional way to help residents combat feelings of isolation and loneliness is to provide a calendar of activities to attend. While this group approach to an individual problem may work for a while, it does little to help residents find new ways to contribute, address frustrations caused by a lack of control, and develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

Resident Journey is a systematic and curated approach to assess residents’ emotional health, gauge their transitions in and through the community, and nudge and support their move from passive to activated vitality while enabling them to interact with the community, family, friends and the healthcare ecosystem all from the TV.

Built into Engage360℠, our personalized, whole-health engagement platform, it combines a wellness approach with three technology engines to assess the resident’s wellbeing; provide personalized, easy-to-implement ideas; and offer insights and recommendations to family, staff and the healthcare ecosystem to help enable the resident to activate their best day every day.

Activates a resident’s best day

Combines resident-shared information with recommendations to help the resident and staff activate a resident’s best day every day

Builds trust and confidence

Provides more transparency for family members about the social health and wellbeing of a resident as well as recommendations for action

Improves operational efficiency

Replaces unreliable and non-shareable data capture with consistent processes, measurable progress and actionable insights

How it works

Using a technology residents already know—the TV—the Engage360 Resident Journey app feeds a series of simple activation and transition questions frequently to the resident. The resident answers with a button click or voice command and a piece of content related to the answer appears in the Mindset Content Library.

At the same time, the Community Executive Director sees an Activation Index about each resident, scores trended across the community, and recommendations to implement programs to help maintain or improve those scores.

Family members also have access to information about their loved ones through the Engage360 Connect mobile app.

Vitality Activation Approach assesses wellbeing

Vitality is the secret to a life well lived. How a community discovers and activates vitality depends on three indicators that help build a foundation of insights for staff and family about a resident’s experiences and engagement within the community.

Co-developed by Sentrics and LE3, the Vitality Activation Approach includes three vitality indicators—Growth, Independence and Relationships— that help assess residents’ emotional health, gauge their transitions in and through the community and support their movement from passive to activated vitality. Research shows that when people thrive in the areas of growth, independence and meaningful relationships, quality of life improves.

  • Growth. A reason to wake up with a plan for the day
  • Independence. Individual control over one’s day
  • Relationships. Meaningful relationships, both new and well curated, inside and outside the community

Three technology engines bring it all together

The Vitality Activation Approach requires consistent data collection and use. That’s why Resident Journey eliminates those siloed, disparate tools that make it hard to find and use data and replaces them with three technology engines that collect and analyze data, provide insights, suggest actions, and measure outcomes in a consistent, systematic way.

  • Survey Engine: Asks activation and transition questions to identify how the resident feels about their journey with the community
  • Analytics Engine: Analyzes and scores the answers from the individual to the portfolio level
  • Recommendation Engine: Serves recommendations in the form of content, matches resident and topics, and offers suggestions to help the residents help themselves and those around them take action to help improve a low score, or maintain a high score.

Activate a Resident’s Best Day


Personalizing a resident’s journey within your community is easy when you leverage a technology the residents know and love—their TVs—to ask a series of simple questions and make recommendations to the resident to create a unique experience.

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