Today’s senior living communities integrate housing and medical care to do more than just ensure that residents are safe and secure. Progressive providers have moved beyond the hospitality business into the care, safety and risk management business. Fueled by changes in lifespan, lifestyle expectations and CMS’ own focus on decreasing costs and improving quality through risk-based Medicare Advantage programs, senior living providers are moving quickly to provide care, and take on risk, for residents who spend years, and sometimes decades, in their communities.

This change from hospitality to risk-based care requires a different resident perspective. It requires the ability to engage residents at more levels, and to recognize changes in behaviors and care needs. It requires a stronger focus on the quality of the resident experience, including more robust entertainment and connectivity options.  It requires more, yet non-invasive, knowledge about resident sociability, behavioral trends, daily activity and lifestyle choices.  Accepting risk requires providers to correlate history, identify trends, and provide care that pre-empts or minimizes adverse health events.

Progressive senior living providers are turning to technology to modernize their operations. They need the ability to capture, integrate, analyze and derive insights from data to help predict the need for and provide less expensive, and more effective, pre-emptive care. The results are game changing while reducing hospitalizations and providing a better quality of life for residents fueled by transparency and data insights.


Sentrics360℠ Redefines Senior Living

Sentrics360℠ is an innovative suite of solutions that surrounds the resident with tools that ensure safety, engage meaningfully, entertain creatively, and enrich their lives by providing profound insights that help caretakers predict, prevent and pre-empt care events.


  • better transparency for the family and staff
  • longer stays for the community
  • reduced healthcare costs
  • healthier, happier residents

A 360-Degree Solution from the Industry Leader in Senior Care

While other healthcare environments have leveraged recent technological advances, the senior living communities have had to take a fragmented approach to technology. As care costs have increased, and tech-savvy residents expect their new communities to stay current, they have struggled to integrate individual technology solutions. Sentrics solves that problem by providing an integrated, and proven, set of data-driven solutions that help senior living operators provide a higher level of care and achieve better outcomes, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Sentrics360℠ is that solution. It surrounds the resident with tools that improve the daily experience. It gives the provider the tools and insights it needs to predict needs and deliver pre-emptive care. The result is better transparency for the family, longer stays for the community, reduced cost for the healthcare system, and healthier, happier residents.

Sentrics360 Overview E-Book

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