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Sentrics eBook: COVID-19 Will Accelerate Your Transformation of Senior Living

The Tides Were Shifting Even Before COVID-19

While COVID-19 is now accelerating the speed of change, the metamorphosis of senior living and care was already underway. There are three primary drivers:

  • Healthcare management and prevention have taken center stage
  • Resident expectations are changing
  • High caregiver turnover will become even harder to manage


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COVID-19 Will Change Your Approaches to Care Management, Resident Engagement and Employee Turnover

No one knows the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of your residents. Health issues could become chronic and will need to be managed. With a full 68% of Medicare recipients already managing three or more chronic conditions, how will your care management and healthcare strategies adapt?

Challenge: How do you manage the cost of providing more care without putting your community at risk?


The movement of baby boomers into senior living communities has also already started to impact the senior living landscape. The baby boomers expect much more than a hospitality model. They expect a higher level of entertainment and engagement. They expect to use technology to stay connected with friends and family. More importantly, they expect a safe environment, free from contagious illnesses.

Challenge: How can you make your residents healthier and happier?

Caregivers play an important role in your communities. With turnover as high as 75% in some areas, and employees more concerned than ever about infecting a resident and managing their own safety, you must come up with new ways to make them more efficient while improving their satisfaction.

Challenge: How can you help the staff be more efficient, feel more valued and stay healthy?

Senior Living Transformation: Reassess and Reprioritize Care

This eBook will help you reassess the way you think about and manage the care and wellbeing of your residents. To find new ways to augment traditional experiences with technology, address whole-health engagement, and provide transparency and peace of mind to family members. Plus, help caregivers be more efficient so they can have more meaningful interactions with residents, while keeping everyone safe.

This transformation is about changing the way your community operates. It’s about the movement from hospitality to healthcare. And it’s about the move away from reactive care toward a system that focuses on proactive and preemptive care.

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