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October 27, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

Who is Coro Health and Its Impact on Senior Living

A Profile on Coro Health Coro Health, a digital therapeutics company was founded in Austin, TX, in 2009. The...
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October 20, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

6 Questions to Ask When Considering TV Programming Options

Selecting TV programming for your senior living community seems like a no-brainer, right?  On the surface, it appears as...
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June 19, 2020  /  All Posts

Sleep And Older Adults: What You Should Know

Everyone needs sleep. Aside from being biologically fundamental, sleep is crucial for maintaining good health. Adequate amounts of sleep...
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July 19, 2020  /  All Posts

Overlooked Opportunity: Optimized Lighting For Senior Living

Lighting For Senior Living An often overlooked, but incredibly important aspect of community design is sufficient lighting for senior...
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September 19, 2020  /  All Posts

5 Essential Steps To Evaluate Senior Living Technology

Senior living technology is more relevant now than ever before because older adults are not the techno-phobic demographic you...
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October 12, 2020  /  All Posts

Old School Vs. New School: Fall Prevention Technology

JULY 17th, 2018-Falls are a major issue for senior living community residents and staff, especially when dated fall prevention...
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October 7, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

Is WiFi Enough? Why Senior Residents Need Dedicated Internet Service

In the not so recent past, offering residents WiFi positioned senior living communities on the forefront of the digital...
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October 5, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

What to Do When Your Senior Living Community Tests Positive for COVID-19

Chances are, someone in your community has already tested positive for COVID-19. If not, someone likely will. The speed...
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October 2, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

The Proactive Approach to Case Management in Senior Living

If you’re a senior living professional, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely put you in a challenging and unique position....
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October 1, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

Now More Than Ever, Senior Living Staff Needs Management Support

The nurses, hospital staff, and physicians working on the front lines to combat the COVID pandemic, have earned well-deserved...
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August 27, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

Proactive Reopening Strategies for COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many senior living communities made the tough decision to lock their communities down....
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August 16, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

How Senior Technology Supports Resident Dignity

In a hypercompetitive landscape, senior living community owners and operators must leverage new methods to increase efficiency, quality of...
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August 10, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

Why Senior Living Communities Must Embrace Population Health

A by-product of COVID-19 is the speed of change around managing the care of seniors. Many hospitals continue to...
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