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Elderly man and woman sitting at table and enjoying joyful talk, another senior couple communicating in background sitting on sofa in common room of assisted living home
May 12, 2021  /  Senior Living Strategy

What Happens When a Community Leverages Technology to Guide a Unique Resident Experience?

Senior living communities that take a deliberate, measured approach to drive the resident experience at a deep individual level,...
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nurse measuring older woman's blood pressure
May 5, 2021  /  Acute Care

The Path to Excellence in Person-Centered Care: The model for achieving Planetree Gold Certification

Today’s patient-consumers are no longer satisfied with the status quo when it comes to healthcare delivery. They want more...
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Elderly man struggling to read from smartphone
April 23, 2021  /  Senior Living Strategy

Is Your Technology Senior Friendly?

One only has to look at today’s smart technology, with small icons and often difficult-to-read typefaces, to see why...
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April 14, 2021  /  Senior Living Strategy

When is it Time to Refresh Senior Living Technology?

The year 2020 changed the technology landscape of senior living communities. Not only are assisted living facilities and senior...
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happy female caregiver and senior woman walking together
March 30, 2021  /  Engagement

Driving the Resident Journey Starts with Understanding Residents as Individuals

Every community has a Bonnie.  Bonnie is in an unfortunate and unexpected situation: Her husband of 40 years experienced...
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March 22, 2021  /  Engagement

Turn the TV into a Senior Living Engagement Platform

Senior living communities used to planning outings and group activities to engage residents, were forced to rethink engagement when...
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March 16, 2021  /  Senior Living Strategy

Case Management and Reporting Best Practices are Here to Stay

When COVID hit senior living residents at an astounding rate in 2020, federal, state, and local officials quickly realized...
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March 3, 2021  /  Entertainment

Boost Satisfaction with Enhanced Entertainment, One-Click DVR Services for Seniors

Remember how easy it used to be to operate a television before remotes became a standard feature? You turned...
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the hospital room of the future is here now
March 1, 2021  /  Acute Care

The Hospital Room of the Future Is Here Now

I came across a news story recently that gave me pause. A patient in Texas was sharing her recent...
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February 21, 2021  /  Acute Care

7 Questions to Ask When Buying Digital Signage for your Hospital

Automated tools like digital signage allow hospitals to better communicate with visitors, patients, and staff in their facilities. Over the...
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January 25, 2021  /  Senior Living Strategy

How Technology Increases Physical Security in Senior Living

As you already know, stopping the pandemic at the front door isn’t the only security concern at senior living...
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January 25, 2021  /  Entertainment

It’s Time to Rethink TV-Based Entertainment

You already know that the TV is a companion, a link to the outside world, and a source of...
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December 23, 2020  /  Senior Living Strategy

The True Impact of RTLS For Senior Living Communities

The senior living communities that stand out are those who are willing to embrace technology to improve person-centered care...
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