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Improving the Resident Journey With a Technology-Based Approach

Resident Journey October 5, 2021

This blog is part of the Resident Journey Series. It explores how a community can leverage detailed information about a resident to help drive the resident’s journey purposefully within the community. 

Meet Barbara. She moved into her community about 90 days ago. She has settled into her new home and has begun to connect with neighbors and staff. The staff knows Barbara’s history, her medical and daily needs, her likes and dislikes, and even her interests and hobbies. But, to truly help Barbara activate her best possible days, the team needs to get to know her on a deeper level; that requires a different set of questions to set her wellbeing baseline.

When Barbara turns on her television, she is greeted with a question: “Do you have friends and family that you connect with regularly?” Barbara selects the Sometimes button.

Deborah is the Executive Director at Barbara’s community. She sees the answer and knows that there is an opportunity to support Barbara further with relationship building in and outside of the community. As a new resident, what can the community do to make sure that Barbara feels safe and comfortable to engage with others? 

In her “settling in” questions, Barbara indicated that she was introverted and liked to spend her time researching her family history. Deborah notes that her engagement platform has matched Barbara to another resident also interested in family genealogy. 

This is Resident Journey, and it’s a new way to drive a purpose-driven and personalized resident engagement.

Your Community Can Drive Purpose-Driven Resident Journeys

When community operators truly know their residents, they have the power to completely change their residents’ experiences inside and outside of their communities. With the right information, they have the ability to help every resident activate the best possible day every day, and to achieve the ultimate goal: Longevity with vitality. 

It’s really as simple as gathering better information about the individual more frequently, understanding the responses and responding to the insights gained. When a community changes the questions and frequency of its questions, it has the insights to respond to a resident’s unspoken needs and the ability to guide a better resident journey. 

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How to Ask Better Resident Questions 

Asking better questions is not about requiring your residents to complete long paper surveys. It’s not about asking intrusive, personal questions that require someone to input data and analyze the results. 

Asking better questions is about using technology to ask a prescribed question—one at a time and on a predetermined schedule—in a way that is easy and comfortable to answer and capture. Not all technology is easy to use; we suggest you leverage one with which the residents are already very familiar, the TV. 

Using the TV and a remote—or voice controls—to ask and answer questions, allows a community to check in and engage regularly and frequently. Because answers can change over time, it makes it easy for residents to share new information. This technology should ask what we like to call “pulse checks,” or single questions with answers that it can analyze and trend over time. (Look to a future blog to review the analysis.)

This technology can ask questions like:

  • Are you starting to establish relationships with neighbors and staff?
  • Have you celebrated a special occasion in the last 90 days?
  • Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Overlay Wellbeing Questions 

Use technology that integrates a well-being approach and questions to gauge a resident’s overall health and wellness. We like the Sentrics and LE3 co-developed Vitality Activation Approach, a process for understanding, defining and driving a resident’s experience based on the past, present and future self. It incorporates three indicators—growth, independence and relationships— to help a community assess and respond to a resident’s needs, wants and continuous aspirations.

You can learn more about the Vitality Activation Approach here.  

Wellbeing questions might include:

  • Are you doing something that matters to you today?
  • Do you feel you have freedom and privacy?
  • Do you have friends and neighbors that rely on you for friendship and connection?

Ask one question every 7-10 days to capture changes in your residents’ mental and behavioral state. And then use the information to provide insights and recommendations that help you personalize and drive the senior living resident journey. It also provides recommendations to the resident—through the TV—to help nudge them in a positive direction or support their current progress.

Leverage a Sophisticated Engine that Personalizes the Resident’s Engagement

A sophisticated digital solution like Engage360SM includes a standard set of questions designed specifically to capture the resident’s journey. 

The technology platform’s pulse check questions assess the wellbeing of senior living residents by measuring whether they are physically safe, medically well, socially engaged and behaviorally stable. Together, these indicators help measure a resident’s vitality. The system asks a single question at a time, provides the resident with easy-to-consume recommendations and creates an Activation score based on the answers to guide staff and family actions.

Change your Approach 

Armed with more personalized and in-depth resident information, you and your community are better equipped to provide individualized personal care, support and services in a proactive manner. 

With the right tools and processes to gather in-depth information frequently about residents, executive directors and operators can proactively deliver a better resident experience. Sophisticated technology allows you to store the information in one place and makes it accessible for everyone. Connected to a television, the technology makes it easy for residents to use.

The end goal for any community is to provide every resident with longevity and vitality. Isn’t it time you changed your approach and learned more about your residents? 

Learn more about how you can change your questions and improve the resident experience (and satisfaction) with Engage360.

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