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TiVo vs DVR: Head to Head Comparison

Entertainment May 3, 2020

One of the big debates over the last few years is the differences between TiVo vs. DVR.  While many people still believe these two services to be similar, the amount of services offered by TiVo has made them an easy favorite.  Let’s first look at each of these services and then compare the advantages of using the TiVo.

TiVo vs. DVR

What is TiVo?

TiVo itself is actually considered a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), but for comparison sake we will use it as its own name vs. several other cable companies’ DVR units.  Originally introduced in 1999, TiVo is a device that connects to your television set with the ability the record and watch shows whenever the user wants, rather than having to watch shows when they are listed.  While TiVo has grown to be much more than this over the years, the original concept was to give users the ability to watch and record their favorite television shows without having to use a VCR.

What is DVR?

After TiVo’s initial success in the cable TV market, cable companies scrambled to create their own video recording units that were available to customers right on their own receiver.  Cable companies worldwide followed the TiVo model and most now give customers the ability to record and watch shows at their own convenience.

DVR vs. TiVo comparison

With this in mind it might seem like a DVR system on your receiver would be a more logical answer than paying for a 3rd party video recording system.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth as TiVo has not only specialized in the video recording market, but they offer far more options than traditional DVR. Below we will look at 4 different categories that compares TiVo vs. DVR.

TV:  Both units offer the ability to record live TV in HD, but this is where the similarities stop and TiVo shows a distinct advantage.  TiVo has advanced features that let the user control live TV, pause, fast forward, rewind and show instant replay of shows instantly.  This is a great feature for those who are into watching live sports as it gives you the ability to watch instant replays over and over again without having to wait for the TV station to show them.

Movies:  If you are a movie buff than TiVo is definitely the best choice for you.  While both have TiVo and the traditional DVR have the option to select from a variety of movies, only TiVo lets users hook up to their Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts to watch any of these shows on demand.

Music:  When it comes to listening to your favorite music both services offer the user the ability to listen to and record whatever music channels are on your television.  TiVo takes this a step further and lets the user expand their music selection to any music that the user may have on their PC, Mac or streaming service that they have.  With the TiVo, users can access all of these music programs and stream the music to their TiVo.

Internet:  In the past couple of years, the entertainment available online has grown tremendously.  With this advancement in technology, the engineers at TiVo have upgraded their video recorders to allow users to access all of this technology.  One of the biggest changes that TiVo has made has been the ability for customers to watch YouTube Videos, access online photos and program their TiVo from their cellular phone or iPad.  TiVo’s Apps have given users the ability to program and keep track of all of their favorite television shows and music from an easy to use program that can be carried with them wherever they go.  If one needs to record a show when they are not around their television, they can easily go to their phone, Kindle or iPad and program their show from wherever they may be.

For those of you still wondering about the comparison between TiVo vs. DVR, this article should give you a clear picture of everything that TiVo has to offer compared to the traditional DVR.

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