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When it’s safer to keep residents in their rooms, you can still engage them in community activities to help them feel connected and secure. Entertain360 includes several solutions that help you simulate community activities. Residents experience the benefits of a movie theater, group game, or community messaging from the safety of their rooms. And, you can implement most of these solutions yourself.

Live Events Broadcast

With a simple camera and microphone, turn any room into a broadcast center from which to conduct live activities, religious services, group meetings, and more.

  • Broadcast live events to residents’ in-room TVs
  • Engage residents in group activities from the safety of their rooms
  • Bring the excitement of a community event into the resident room


A simple and easy way to instant-message residents and family members

  • Emergency Notifications: Communicate announcements associated with inclement weather, fire evacuations and routine evacuation drills in case of an emergency
  • Scheduled Notifications: Schedule alerts to notify community and staff about important events, meetings or service enhancements
  • Notify Specific Groups: Build multiple groups and communicate different messages to them

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