Sentrics and Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus Announce Door Sensor Partnership

News September 29, 2023

(DAYTONA September 29, 2023) – Sentrics, the foremost provider of technology solutions in the senior living industry, proudly unveils a transformative strategic partnership with Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus. This collaboration marks a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at enhancing safety and security within the healthcare environment through the integration of Sentrics’ cutting-edge door sensor technology.

Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus, a venerable institution committed to delivering top-tier healthcare services for over a century and a half, joins forces with Sentrics to pioneer a new era of proactive patient care. Leveraging Sentrics’ door sensors and robust alert systems, the partnership seeks to create an environment where closed doors trigger alarms can be swiftly identified and managed.

Sentrics’ innovative door sensors will provide Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus with real-time insights into door status, allowing immediate action to be taken when anomalies arise. This collaborative effort aligns seamlessly with the hospital’s unwavering dedication to ensuring patient well-being and operational excellence.

“At Sentrics, our mission is to drive innovation that enhances the quality of life and safety for seniors and patients alike. This strategic partnership with Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus exemplifies that commitment,” stated Peter Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of Sentrics.”By harnessing the power of our door sensor technology, we are equipping healthcare providers with the tools they need to ensure a secure and efficient environment for patients and staff.”

As Sentrics and Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus embark on this groundbreaking partnership, both entities are poised to reshape the landscape of patient care and safety through innovation, technology, and collaboration.

About Sentrics:

Serving over 7,500 communities nationwide, Sentrics stands as the premier provider of technology solutions in the senior living industry. At the core of their offerings lies the Sentrics360 suite, a solution that empowers owners and operators to effectively and efficiently enhance resident quality of life and provide families with peace of mind. This is achieved through data-driven insights harnessed by their cutting-edge life safety, health & wellness, engagement, and entertainment technologies, all thoughtfully integrated within a single community platform. The Sentrics brand includes Ciscor, Silversphere, SeniorTV, CareConnect, Luna Lights, Connected Living, and Allen Technologies. For more information, visit

About Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus:

Temple University Hospital – Episcopal Campus is a venerable healthcare institution with a history spanning over 150 years. Located just two miles from TUH – Main Campus, it is a major provider of high-quality, compassionate healthcare services. The hospital’s unwavering commitment to patient care has positioned it as a cornerstone of healthcare excellence within its community. For more information, visit

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