One Provider for Entertainment, Engagement, Efficiency, and Life Safety

  • Enhance resident experience, health, and safety
  • Improve staff efficiency and satisfaction
  • Bolster family confidence and trust
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Provide owners and operators the capabilities to more effectively and efficiently promote resident quality of life – and family peace of mind – through data-driven insights powered by our life safety, health & wellness, engagement, and entertainment technologies.

Sentrics360SM suite empowers operators to enhance resident engagement, TV/phone/internet, and life safety all through a single data-driven platform. The components of Sentrics360 (Entertain, Engage, and Ensure) make an integrated purpose-built platform, for senior living.

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Life Safety

Ensure brings together the most trusted eCall systems with modern technology to answer who, what, when, and where. Ensure expands the eCall tools you trust with Real Time Location System, sophisticated sensors and collects and analyzes data to provide data-driven insights that help your team deliver higher quality of care.

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Entertain is the leading provider of entertainment solutions in senior living. This customizable solution is built exclusively for senior living, with communities, staff, and residents in mind. What makes Sentrics unique is our ability to provide data-driven analytics to help better provide entertainment services to your resident.

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Resident Engagement

Engage ecosystem allows residents to interact and receive community communications how they’re most
comfortable. Communicate to who you want, when you want, and how it is best received. Increased resident and patient independence and increased communication reduce your staff’s workload.

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Data & Actionable Insights

Data-driven solution that turns thousands of data points into actionable insights to improve quality of care.

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