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A powerful, interactive platform that engages a resident’s mind, body and spirit as well as helps them interact with the community, family and friends, right from the TV.

  • Resident engagement means connecting with community, family and friends, as well as engaging the individual mind, body and spirit
  • Caregivers’ limited time is constrained by maintenance requests, unnecessary alarms, and resident questions
  • Families and caregivers lack visibility over residents’ moods and behavioral changes
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Connect Simply. Engage Fully.

Engage360℠ transforms resident TVs into a social, health and wellness engine that improves whole health, increases satisfaction, and enables more informed care decisions.

Whole-Health Resident Engagement is Simplified

The intuitive and interactive information hub provides social, health, and wellness engagement for resident’s (mind, body, and spirit) — all from the TV.

Reduced Staff Workload

Increased resident independence coupled with automated service and maintenance requests help reduce burdens on staff.

Increased Transparency

Family members can share information directly with residents and leverage a birds-eye view of the resident’s overall engagement to gauge changes in behavior or socialization habits.

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"We are implementing the entire Sentrics360 suite because it integrates life safety, entertainment, engagement and care insights into one complete, easy-to-use solution. The Sentrics team is top notch. And every team member we've met is a quality person with high energy. You can't go wrong partnering with Sentrics."
Joseph Jasmon | Founding Partner at Elevate Senior Living
“Our company has been working with the Sentrics' Sales Team for the last several years. We have implemented the systems and products in 19 of our communities and have seen a drastic increase in the safety of our buildings and the quality of care we can provide to seniors. The Sentrics team has proven to be a great partner for us and we are constantly impressed by the level of customer service they provide.”
Nick Dwyer | Development Manager at Dover Development
“For over 15 years, we have used Sentrics Ensure360 products for life safety in our communities. Their products help our residents feel safe and secure. The company's customer service and technical assistance always provide a high level of expertise when supporting our communities. Our Sentrics partnership is greatly appreciated.”
Juan Medina | Director of Building Facilities & Maintenance at Merrill Gardens
"After 15 years in long-term care, I can say I have never received such excellent customer service and ease of presentation from a provider."
Kimily Taylor | Executive Director at The Gardens of Germantown Memory Care
"I've used similar systems in the past, but nothing compares to the Sentrics product and its team. Through the Sentrics' training, I've been able to learn how to access data-driven reports that help me provide employee-specific coaching and improve resident care."
Beth Richardson | Executive Director at Arbor Terrace of Johns Creek
“We are very happy working with Sentrics! Not only were you able to install Entertain360 before our cable provider left the market, but our residents love having all the channels that are familiar to them. Your customer support team is very responsive. And although we haven't been able to utilize MessageNOW yet, it was one of the products that sold on your solution as a great way to keep our residents informed, especially during this time.”
Chamika Poole, LNHA, RN | Administrator at Butler County Care Facilities
“We are extremely pleased with the TV service we have from the Entertain360 platform. Our Assisted Living residents enjoy the channel selections. Whenever service is needed, the response times are fast and issues resolved quickly. So far, we are a very happy customer!”
Dan Marczak | Business Office Manager at River Glen of St. Charles
"I would not want to work for another community that does not have a Technology Concierge"
LaBaron Hendrieth | Executive Director at The New England Club: A Holiday Retirement Community
The Engage360 system setup was a breeze. The remote control programming was the easiest I've encountered, no searching or input codes needed. By far, Engage360 was simple, and stress free compared to other systems in the market.
J Edwin Perez | Director of Environmental Services at Sonata West
Sentrics has assembled a suite of services that bring to market unified solutions. No longer do we have to piece together numerous platforms. We rely on their Infinity program to help us keep our trusted solutions up to date while allowing us to easily budget our costs.
Tony Kennard | Chief Information Officer and Partner Common Sail Investment Group

Whole-Health Resident Engagement

Keep Senior Communities Connected

By adding a simple device and a voice controlled remote control to the TV, Engage360 turns every television into a fun engagement engine.

Residents can see what’s happening in the community, request services, and sign up for group senior activities such as exercise classes, field trips, bingo, volunteer opportunities, and more. Engage360 gives residents the ability to add events and resolve calendar conflicts to their personal calendars right from their TVs. Plus, the platform helps prevent feelings of social isolation by making it easier for residents to communicate with friends and family, while challenging their individual minds, bodies and spirits.

Resident Engagement for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Engage360 offers residents an intuitive and interactive platform that engages the mind, body, and spirit—straight from the TV. For less active seniors who don’t want to–or can’t–leave their apartments regularly, the TV provides access to faith services, mood-altering music programs, safe exercises, and even mental health content to reduce anxiety and strengthen life enrichment.

Social Engagement with Friends and Family

Through the TV, residents can feel like a part of the family unit by accessing family photos. They can chat with friends and family inside and outside their senior living communities. And they can see when family members have added appointments and reminders to their personal calendars.

Optimize Community Operations

Transform the TV into a tool that staff can use to communicate with residents, identify changes in resident behavior, and reduce inefficiencies. Communities can post safety notifications, dining menus, a special event, and activity calendars directly through the TV. When integrated with Ensure360, caregivers can post a message to the resident TV that they are on their way. Engage360 also captures valuable insights about the resident’s behavior and mood to help identify and respond to behavioral and social changes before they become an issue.

Provide Families with Transparent Insights

Engage360 gives family members peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is safe, healthy, and engaged. With the Family App, family members can see community events and activities, calendared items, and even dining menu options. Because it captures user activity, Engage360 provides a transparent view of behavioral and health history to help families discern fact from fiction.

Senior Activities

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An easy-to-use, all-in-one infotainment platform that integrates resident TV, internet and voice services seamlessly.

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Tech Concierge Services

Dedicated, highly skilled and trained professionals work regular onsite hours at your community to resolve any issue your residents have from hooking up a new TV to using Facebook for the first time.

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User Adoption Training

The key to loving new technology is knowing how to use it. Sentrics offers resident training for our Engage360 platform to help residents learn to leverage the social, health, and wellness engagement tools for their mind, body, and spirit health and wellbeing.

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Resident Engagement

Engage360 FAQs

Can you print the calendar out? Most communities add a printed version of the calendar in Elevators and other common spaces. They also included them in newsletters etc.

While the dining menu is printable, communities will not be able to print the activities calendar until a later release.

Can Family Members add calendar events to a resident's calendar?

In the first release of the Family app, family members will not be able to add events. This feature will be available in a later release.

Can a resident order a menu item from the application?

Residents can browse the dining menu to find exactly what they’re craving with robust meal filters, such as Special Meals, as well as view meal images, descriptions, nutrition facts, complementary dishes, and other information provided by the community. However, meal ordering functionality or integrations are not currently available.

How do you display community center information on a TV in a Public area?

Engage360 is pre-integrated with Entertain360, which includes a Community Channel.

How easy is it for my staff to add and update information to the system?

We have designed the Engage360 Content Management System (CMS) to be intuitive and easy to use. While we will provide initial user training, the average person more than capable to use it without any training. Managing the dining menu, senior activities, and schedule – complete with customizable categories for special events, meals and more – allows you to spend more time engaging with residents and less time in front of a computer. The CMS also provides simple management for the Engage360 devices, locations and residents.

Do we get user data on how much our residents are using the system?

Like the entire Sentrics360 SM suite, the Engage360 platform tracks resident activity and feeds it to the Enrich360SM platform for machine learning and AI-based insights. Individual reports will be included in the solution in 2021.

Will the community staff be able to see how often and what information families are viewing?

Information shared via Engage360 between the families and residents is private. Community staff members will not have access to this information.

Does the Engage360 include voice control?

A resident can control the Engage360 platform using a remote control or Sentrics-built voice controls. Unlike other applications that require the residents to purchase Alexa or another voice control system, Engage360 has its own voice control and does not require any additional outside hardware to use it.

Does the Engage360 roadmap include Smart Home control.

We have purpose-built Engage360 to provide residents with unique access to engagement options that connect them with purpose to the community, family, friends, the healthcare ecosystem, mood-altering content, faith programming and more. The goal of Engage360 is to give residents ways to interact when they cannot or choose not to leave their apartments. That list does not include Smart Home control.

Does Engage360 gives residents the ability to link data from a wearable, like a fitness watch, heart monitor or calorie counter?

Engage360 is an interactive engagement platform that keeps residents in-tune and informed with the community and their loved ones. It currently does not provide access points to third-party wearables. Sentrics has another solution, Ensure360SM platform, which combines sensors, sophisticated eCall and a robust integrated rules engine with real time location services, contact tracing, case management and third-party solutions to help your staff anticipate and act proactively to keep residents safe, improve caregiver efficiency, and reduce the risk of adverse events, like devastating falls. It integrates with popular EMRs today, and could provide an ideal home for this type of data which ultimately feeds Enrich360 SM to provide sophisticated machine learning and AI-based insights.

Connect Simply. Engage Fully.

Make your TV a modern entertainment, engagement and concierge engine. Improve staff efficiency, identify behavioral changes, simplify technology options and give families peace of mind. It’s all here.

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