The perfect combination of sensors, emergency call equipment and real-time location services to help your staff anticipate and act proactively to meet resident needs.

  • Caregivers react and respond to a medical alert rather than anticipate resident needs
  • Employee turnover is high and understaffing is common
  • Families lack visibility about their loved one’s health and wellbeing
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Actionable Insights. Activated Care.

Ensure360SM brings together the most trusted eCall systems, sensors and a robust integrated rules engine with RTLS technology, contact tracing and case management to answer who, what, when, where, and why. With Ensure360, staff can be proactive with senior care, instead of waiting for an incident to occur, or a contagious infection to spread. Ensure360 is powered by Silversphere, Ciscor and Luna Lights.


To find out more about our contact tracing and case management capabilities, click here.

Improved Care

A wealth of actionable data and insights lead to proactive resident care and better health outcomes.

Reduced Staff Burden

Meaningful alarms, improved communication, and efficient routing systems for residents in need to alleviate staff pressure.

Family Peace of Mind

Families are reassured their loved ones are safe and secure, and that their privacy and independence are respected.

"We are implementing the entire Sentrics360 suite because it integrates life safety, entertainment, engagement and care insights into one complete, easy-to-use solution. The Sentrics team is top notch. And every team member we've met is a quality person with high energy. You can't go wrong partnering with Sentrics."
Joseph Jasmon | Founding Partner at Elevate Senior Living
“Our company has been working with the Sentrics' Sales Team for the last several years. We have implemented the systems and products in 19 of our communities and have seen a drastic increase in the safety of our buildings and the quality of care we can provide to seniors. The Sentrics team has proven to be a great partner for us and we are constantly impressed by the level of customer service they provide.”
Nick Dwyer | Development Manager at Dover Development
“For over 15 years, we have used Sentrics Ensure360 products for life safety in our communities. Their products help our residents feel safe and secure. The company's customer service and technical assistance always provide a high level of expertise when supporting our communities. Our Sentrics partnership is greatly appreciated.”
Juan Medina | Director of Building Facilities & Maintenance at Merrill Gardens
"After 15 years in long-term care, I can say I have never received such excellent customer service and ease of presentation from a provider."
Kimily Taylor | Executive Director at The Gardens of Germantown Memory Care
"I've used similar systems in the past, but nothing compares to the Sentrics product and its team. Through the Sentrics' training, I've been able to learn how to access data-driven reports that help me provide employee-specific coaching and improve resident care."
Beth Richardson | Regional Director of Operations at Arbor Terrace of Johns Creek
“We are very happy working with Sentrics! Not only were you able to install Entertain360 before our cable provider left the market, but our residents love having all the channels that are familiar to them. Your customer support team is very responsive. And although we haven't been able to utilize MessageNOW yet, it was one of the products that sold on your solution as a great way to keep our residents informed, especially during this time.”
Chamika Poole, LNHA, RN | Administrator at Butler County Care Facilities
“We are extremely pleased with the TV service we have from the Entertain360 platform. Our Assisted Living residents enjoy the channel selections. Whenever service is needed, the response times are fast and issues resolved quickly. So far, we are a very happy customer!”
Dan Marczak | Business Office Manager at River Glen of St. Charles
"I would not want to work for another community that does not have a Technology Concierge"
LaBaron Hendrieth | Executive Director at The New England Club: A Holiday Retirement Community
The Engage360 system setup was a breeze. The remote control programming was the easiest I've encountered, no searching or input codes needed. By far, Engage360 was simple, and stress free compared to other systems in the market.
J Edwin Perez | Director of Environmental Services at Sonata West
Sentrics has assembled a suite of services that bring to market unified solutions. No longer do we have to piece together numerous platforms. We rely on their Infinity program to help us keep our trusted solutions up to date while allowing us to easily budget our costs.
Tony Kennard | Chief Information Officer and Partner Common Sail Investment Group
I'm so excited about the new voice technology! Navigating Engage360 is much easier; I just say what I want! I live by the KISS philosophy—just keep it simple—and that's what this voice technology does!
Nancy Bossert | Sonata West Resident
The best selling point is that it is easy, easy, easy! Easy to install, you just plug it in; easy for residents to activate from a familiar device they already have; and easy commands that help residents navigate Engage360 simply.
Brook Ellis | Regional Director for Sonata West

Proven Solution Meets Powerful New Technology

Motion, Location, and Sensor Data

Ensure360 combines the industry’s best medical alert system, sensors and a robust integrated rules engine with RTLS technology, contact tracing and case management to collect and analyze data on community, resident, and caregiver conditions. This sophisticated data-capture technology compiles the information to provide staff with the insights they need to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and improve senior-living and healthcare outcomes.

Powerful Location Services

Sophisticated location services help senior living communities track the location of staff and residents in near real-time, unlike with GPS tracking devices, which can leave some indoor facilities inaccessible. In the event of an emergency situation, If a resident is in need of aid (e.g., due to a slip or fall), the RTLS technology can route the nearest caregivers to the resident. When a resident is away from a needed medical device, an alert sounds. Sophisticated geofencing technology alerts staff the moment a resident steps into or outside of a defined parameter to aid in wander detection and location management protocol.

Thousands of Data Points Captured and Analyzed

More data leads to better care quality and improved health outcomes. Ensure360 captures thousands of data points from each resident daily and then overlays caregiver interactions, locations, and medical history to improve both wellbeing and senior safety. These correlated data points aid staff in their mission to administer the best care possible and improve patient satisfaction.

Family Peace of Mind

Families need to know that their loved ones are safe and secure, while their privacy and independence are maintained. The Ensure360 platform, with its sophisticated monitoring system, reassures family members that their loved ones’ needs are being met and anticipated via proactive measures. This increased visibility and transparency helps instill faith in the system and gives family members confidence that their loved ones can live in comfort.

Contact Tracing and Protocol Management

Ensure360 includes contact tracing, occupancy limit alarms, and isolation protocol management to help you contain infectious conditions. One integrated solution is easy to use and easy on your budget.


Click here for more details about our contact tracing and case management capabilities

Multiple Ways to Leverage Ensure360 and its Senior Alert System

Your community has its own unique needs. That’s why Sentrics offers senior living communities three separate ways to leverage the Ensure360 platform.


Ensure360 includes everything you see here: The industry’s best eCall solution, sophisticated sensors, RTLS location tracking, emergency equipment, and contact tracing.

Ensure360 Lite

Ensure360 Lite includes everything except RTLS and contact tracing. It’s the industry’s best eCall solution, sophisticated sensors, and emergency equipment including CompanionOne.

Ensure360 Inovonics

If you’re committed to Inovonics technology, you can still use Ensure360. We simply replace our proven eCall technology with Inovonics technology including OneSource.

Luna Lights

Luna Lights is a proven life safety solution that senses a resident leaving the bed, illuminates a path and notifies staff when residents need assistance, all while capturing sophisticated sleep and behavior trend data. Use it today as a stand-alone solution.

Other Sentrics Solutions

A powerful, interactive platform that engages a resident’s mind, body and spirit as well as helps them interact with the community, family and friends, right from the TV.

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Artificial intelligence software and machine learning technology captures and analyzes data to predict and prevent adverse outcomes, such as automatic fall detection, and much more.

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An assurance program that delivers unlimited upgrades and replacements to future-proof your Sentrics investment.

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Be a Sentrics Dealer

With Sentrics BLOC, you can offer the most trusted and easy-to-install senior living technology available to safety and security professionals. If you’re interested in being a Sentrics dealer, contact us on the link below.
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Ensure360 FAQs

How long do the wearables last?

The wearables can last up to 2 years.  Don’t worry about replacing them, our Infinity program will take care of that!

How does the RTLS tracking work and who is actually tracked?

Sentrics provides the tracking system through a sleek wearable device worn as a necklace, wristband, or visitor badge, not a bulky emergency button.  Assets such as medication carts are also trackable.  You can search by location, asset, or individual to determine the location and dwell time.  The sensor is identified by the nearest locator device.

Why should I buy Ensure360, with an integrated senior alert system, versus other eCall systems on the market?

The Sentrics brand comes with decades of experience in life safety systems for seniors.  Ensure360 is wireless to accommodate aging in place and to provide individualized care.  The alert system has a wireless mesh network to provide confidence in receiving alarms.  Ensure360 with location comes with contact tracing and case management.  You also receive Enrich360, which analyzes thousands of data points to provide actionable reporting to help you transition from reactive to proactive care.  Although Ensure360 can be purchased separately, you’ll have the capability to integrate with our Entertain360 and Engage360 solutions to provide a 360-degree resident view to improve care and enhance well being.

For systems without RTLS, can the location of wearables be identified?

Communities can purchase Ensure without location. Using Ensure360 Lite, the staff will be able to see the identification of the nearest access point to the resident in need of help. Without RTLS, the team will have no access to the contact tracing or case management capabilities that are critical to preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza and COVID.

How is the system updated?

Ensure360 Complete (with location) includes remote support and future-proofing. It offers the ability to evaluate and fix issues remotely. In addition, Ensure360 includes  software updates completed automatically, “over the air.” This means you’ll always have the latest and greatest features.

Can we view reports and configure the system while away from the property?

Reporting and configuration tools via our Cloud are web-based and can be accessed remotely with the right credentials.  View response times, add a new staff user or resident pendant, reprogram a door schedule all on-the-go.

Will the RTLS functionality be for everyone, or will it only track a certain population of people?

RTLS will be available for everyone in the community; ultimately it will be up to the operators to decide how it will be used. The integrated contact tracing and case management capabilities will be more effective if RTLS is used across the organization.

Will Ensure track the resident even when they are off the property?

The Ensure360 RTLS functionality does not support tracking off-site.

Can I run reports on nurse call alerts?

Ensure360 includes dashboard and drill-down reporting to help operators maintain or improve operational efficiency. Standard reports provide insights about average care team response time and the number of times a resident uses the nurse call system and everything in between.

Better Data. Better Care. Ensured.

Ensure360 gives senior living communities the perfect combination of sensors, emergency call equipment and location services to improve resident care, produce better health outcomes, enhance staff efficiency, and lengthen stays.

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