Contact Tracing Technology and Case Management

Integrated with Ensure360SM, automated contact tracing and case management, help senior living communities manage infectious conditions before they spread.

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Identify and manage acute conditions

Nothing is more important than protecting the health of your residents. That’s why Sentrics integrated contact tracing and case management into its already robust Ensure360SM platform. By combining sensors, sophisticated eCall and a robust integrated rules engine with real time location services, contact tracing and case management, community leaders have fingertip access to the tools they need to keep their residents and employees safe and healthy.

Control infection spread

Identify at risk residents and staff, and gain control of an infection quickly and efficiently

Manage costs

Avoid budget overruns by leveraging integrated tools

Deliver peace of mind

Leverage automated reporting to share information with staff, residents family members, and your broader community, quickly

Contact Tracing Technology

Identify those at risk

When a resident or staff member tests positive for an infectious disease, your first task is to identify who else could be exposed. Manual analysis could take days, and it relies on the memories of those impacted to trace contacts. And it’s an unbudgeted expense. Ensure360 leverages the power of real time location services to make tracing fast, efficient and reliable. With a few, simple clicks of a button, you can see visually the people at risk. With Ensure360 with contact tracing, you simply choose:

  • The original resident or team member affected (subject A)
  • The dates of interest
  • The contact level and duration


And you can see very quickly the people with whom subject A had contact, and drill down into details to review individual exposure and risk.


Administer infection protocols

Once you have identified the people at risk, Ensure360 helps you act quickly to contain the infection. Integrated case management automates disease management protocols for you based on the infection. You can mark individuals for quarantine, notify caregivers, manage the protocol steps, and even keep track of the duration of that quarantine from a single integrated view. To help protect the residents and staff, use the software to define a geofence around the quarantine area to identify and alert staff when someone goes in or out. As caregivers near the geofenced area, they will receive an alert of the resident status, so they can don the appropriate gear. You can even see the status of your cases at the community, regional and corporate level to simplify reporting and audit procedures.



Prevent the spread

With at-risk residents taken care of, you can turn your attention to preventing the spread of the infection to additional residents and staff. Using the same geofencing capability, you can define “safe” areas, set occupancy limits on community rooms to facilitate social distancing, and even send alerts when those limits are breached.

Contact tracing. Case management. One solution.

Ensure360 includes contact tracing and case management in a single integrated solution. The only way it could be easier, is if infectious conditions didn’t happen at all. See the video.

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