Luna Lights is Now Part of Sentrics

Automated lighting to help keep residents in senior living communities safer and reduce nighttime fall risk.

Making Safety Simple

The CDC reports that 25 percent of seniors will fall each calendar year. For senior living communities, their residents and their families, preventing those falls is a daunting and difficult challenge. Now Sentrics is doing even more to help. We will soon add Luna Lights, the proven life safety solution that senses a resident leaving the bed, illuminates a path and notifies staff when residents need assistance, all while capturing sophisticated sleep and behavior trend data, to the Ensure360SM platform to help keep residents safer. Today, you can use Luna Lights as a stand-alone solution.


Safer residents

Turn lights on and off automatically to illuminate a path when residents leave their beds at night

Better sleep

Sleep and behavior trend data alert staff that residents could have sleeping issues

Informed care

Staff has access to sleep information to know when residents are at risk so they can act before an adverse event occurs

Contact Tracing Technology

Illuminate a Path

Using an ultra-thin bed sensor, Luna Lights can detect when a resident gets out of bed and turn on hallway lights to illuminate a path to nighttime destinations. Once the resident has returned to bed safely, the lights turn off automatically. No buttons to push. Nothing to wear. It’s safety that is simple.


Notify Staff

More than a lighting solution, if the lights remain luminated and a resident is out of bed for an extended period of time, Luna Lights sends a notification to caregivers. The timeframe the lights are on can indicate that a fall or other issue could have occurred. Caregivers can use this information to be more proactive about care and ensure residents are safe at night. No reports to pull. No data to sift through. Just insights that matter.


Predict Falls

Through cloud-based analytics technology, Luna Lights can track precisely how long and how often nighttime trips occur and deliver powerful insights to caregivers or clinicians to help them recognize resident behavior changes that could signal underlying conditions. Because a restless sleep pattern can increase a resident’s propensity to fall, automatic data capture also helps ensure that day shifts will anticipate adverse events and act before they occur. No detective work needed. No time-consuming report requests. Just enough information to anticipate and act.


Install in Minutes

Got 15 minutes? Then you have time to install the Luna Lights solution. Adhere a sensor to the mattress, stick the lights to the walls and connect to the WiFi. It’s so easy, that anyone can do it. No training required. No technician needed. Just insights in minutes.

Simple solutions. Big outcomes.

At Sentrics, we are as concerned about safety as you are. We acquired the Luna Lights solution to help your residents and their family members rest better knowing that residents are safer. Learn how to implement this solution today and get a better night’s sleep tomorrow.

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