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Meet the Sentrics Team

Executive Team

Peter Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Acosta

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Dawson

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Taylor

Chief Strategy Officer

Malcolm Graham

Chief Digital Officer

Jamie Oakes

Chief Revenue Officer

Shawna Luck

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Senior Leaders

Mike Boone

Executive Vice President, Production & Manufacturing

Damon Lamb

Damon Lamb
Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Ensure360

Katie Maiser

Senior Vice President, Sales Operations

Timothy M. McGinn

Senior Vice President, Entertainment Operations

Savy Sabino

Senior Vice President of Sales - Entertain and Engage

John Sanfilippo, RN

Vice President of Sales - Ensure

Ron Quidatano

Senior Vice President, Engagement Operations

Sarah Wallingford, RN, BSN

Vice President of Sales Engagement

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson
Senior Vice President, Sales Support and Engineering